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This is your 'Jet Harris in concert' page, where you will see photos and videos showing Jet during sound checks or in the dressing room, and other moments not normally seen by the fans.


Here below are a few photo's that were taken during the soundcheck at the Civic Centre Theatre, Aylesbury, Bucks on 24th Feb 07, and even though it was a perfect soundcheck, Jet's delay unit decided it wasn't having any of it, and gave up the ghost during the performance. It wasn't clear at the time however which piece of equipment was at fault, and Neil handed him his own main guitar in case Jet's guitar was also at fault.  Despite all of this Jet went on to give a really good show.

Above:  Afternoon, about 3:30 pm, and a lone spotlight on one of Jet's amps sets the atmosphere.



Above:  A nice moody Black and white shot of jet soundchecking Besame Mucho.



Above:  Jet and the guys discuss which number to soundcheck next.



Above:  Jet again in full pre gig swing with 'Wonderful Land'



Above:  Jet gets knarly with 'Gonzales'



Above:  I'm nearly flamous!.....It's alright for some to be able to relax just before a perfomance,
so Jet decides he's going to liven things up a bit for our Nigel.




All of the photos above are copyright © Jet Harris Official Website.

Here are a few photos from the very successful tour with Marty Wilde and the Wildcats in 2007



Rehearsals took place at a theatre in Oxford, and this moody picture above shows the equipment set up on stage just prior to Marty and Jet's first rehearsal.
Jet is seen here on the right tuning up.



Above:  Another shot of Jet tuning up on stage.



Above:  Jet and the Wildcats in musical discussion.




Above:  Jet in concert with The Wildcats.



Above: Aces of Bass - Jet Harris with Wildcat / Bassist Magazine's Roger Newell.



Above:  I will let this picture speak for itself! - Taken at the London Palladium at the end of the tour.



Here are a couple of photo's taken on Tuesday 5/2/08 by Paul Maidment when he and Jet went along to the 'original 106 fm' studios for an interview with DJ Xan Phillips.




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