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1956-8  Wally Whyton & The Vipers Skiffle Group. Jet features on: Banks Of The Ohio. Trouble In Mind. Worried Man Blues. The Fly (as well as the two tracks released as a single - see next entry). Released on Bear Family (German) 3CD boxed set, 1000 Years Ago. (Released Autumn 1996).
Nov 1958 The Vipers. Summertime Blues. Liverpool Blues.
Jan 1959 Cliff Richard & The Drifters. Livin' Lovin' Doll. Steady With You.
Jan 1959 The Drifters. Feelin' Fine. Don't Be a Fool With Love.
Apr 1959 Cliff Richard & The Drifters. Mean Streak. Never Mind.
Apr 1959 Cliff Richard & The Drifters. Cliff (LP). Apron Strings. My Babe. Down The Line. I Got a Feeling. Jet Black. Baby I Don't Care. Donna. Move It. Ready Teddy. Too Much. Don't Bug Me Baby. Driftin'. That'll Be The Day. Be Bop A Lula. Danny. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On. Kisses Sweeter Than Wine. (Recorded live in front of a studio audience). One Night (unreleased at the time, was issued on the Rock and Roll Years (4CD Set) June 1997.
May 1959 Cliff Richard & The Drifters. Serious Charge (EP). Living Doll. No Turning Back. Mad About You. Chinchilla.
Jul 1959 Cliff Richard & The Drifters. Living Doll. Apron Strings.
Jul 1959 The Drifters. Jet Black. Driftin' (studio recordings).
Oct 1959 Cliff Richard & The Shadows. Travellin' Light. Dynamite.
Nov 1959 Cliff Richard & The Shadows. Cliff Sings (LP). Blue Suede Shoes. The Snake And The Bookworm. I Gotta Know. Here Comes Summer. Twenty Flight Rock. Pointed Toe Shoes. Mean Woman Blues. I'm Walking.
Dec 1959 The Shadows. Saturday Dance. Lonesome Fella.
1959-62 Cliff Richard & The Shadows. Me and My Shadows Radio Luxembourg broadcasts. Cliff and the Shadows taped many 15 minute shows for Radio Luxembourg. Forty Days. Got A Funny Feelin'. Rosalie. Me and My Shadows (reprise) were released in 1997 on the Rock and Roll Years (4 CD Set).
Jan 1960 Cliff Richard & The Shadows. Expresso Bongo (EP). Love. A Voice In The Wilderness. The Shrine On The Second Floor. Bongo Blues.
Jan 1960 Cliff Richard & The Shadows. A Voice In The Wilderness. Don't Be Mad At Me.
Mar 1960 Cliff Richard & The Shadows. Fall In Love With You. Willie And The Hand Jive.
Jun 1960 Cliff Richard & The Shadows. Please Don't Tease. Where Is My Heart?
Jul 1960 The Shadows. Apache. Quartermaster's Stores.
Sept 1960 Cliff Richard & The Shadows. Nine Times Out Of Ten. Thinking Of Our Love.
Oct 1960 Cliff Richard & The Shadows. Me and My Shadows (LP). I'm Gonna Get You. You And I. I Cannot Find A True Love. Evergreen Tree. She's Gone. Left Out Again. You're Just The One To Do It. Lamp Of Love. Choppin' 'n' Changin'. We Have It Made. Tell Me. Gee Whiz It's You. I Love You So. I'm Willing To Learn. I Don't Know. Working After School.
Nov 1960 The Shadows. Man Of Mystery. The Stranger.
Nov 1960 Cliff Richard & The Shadows. I Love You. 'D' In Love.
Jan 1961 The Shadows. The Shadows (EP). Mustang. Theme For Shane. Shotgun. Theme From Giant.
Feb 1961 Cliff Richard & The Shadows. Theme For A Dream. Mumblin' Mosie.
Feb 1961 The Shadows. FBI. Midnight.
Mar 1961 The Shadows. Live at the Colosseum (EP)* Shazam. Guitar Boogie. Sleepwalk. FBI. (* Live EP issued only in South Africa. Issued in UK on SFM EP Collection CD)
Apr 1961 The Shadows. The Frightened City. Back Home.
May 1961 Cliff Richard & The Shadows. Listen to Cliff! (LP). 
What'd I Say. True Love Will Come To You. Unchained Melody. First Lesson In Love. Memories Linger On. 
I Live For You. I Want You To Know. It's You.
June 1961 Cliff Richard & The Shadows. A Girl Like You. Now's The Time To Fall In Love.
Sep 1961 The Shadows. The Shadows (LP). Shadoogie. Blue Star. Nivram. Baby My Heart. See You In My Drums. All My Sorrows. Stand Up And Say That!. Gonzales. Find Me A Golden Street. Theme From A Filleted Place. That's My Desire. My Resistance Is Low. Sleepwalk. Big Boy.
Sep 1961 The Shadows. Kon-Tiki. 36-24-36.
Oct 1961 Cliff Richard & The Shadows. 21 Today (LP). Happy Birthday. Forty Days. Catch Me. Tough Enough. The Night Is So Lonely. Poor Boy. Y'arriva. Tea For Two. Without You. My Blue Heaven. Shame On You.
Nov 1961 Cliff Richard & The Shadows. Dream (EP). Dream. All I Do Is Dream Of You. I'll See You In My Dreams. When I Grow Too Old To Dream.
Dec 1961 Cliff Richard & The Shadows. The Young Ones (LP). Got A Funny Feeling. Peace Pipe. The Young Ones. Lessons In Love. When The Girl In Your Arms. The Savage. We Say Yeah.
Mar 1962 The Shadows. The Kingston Concert. On March 7th 1962, two concerts were taped at the ABC Kingston for release as a live LP. These tracks remained unreleased until 1997 when Dim, Dim The Lights and Save My Soul were issued on the Rock and Roll Years CD Set - see March 2002.
May 1962 Cliff Richard & The Shadows. Do You Wanna Dance?
May 1962 Jet Harris. Besame Mucho. Chills And Fever.
Jun 1962 Jet Harris. Wondrous Place was recorded but not released. The tape is now lost or destroyed.
Jul 1962 The Shadows. Guitar Tango. Recorded before Jet left the Shadows this recording has not been released and remains in the EMI vaults. The recording used on the issued single features Brian Locking.
Aug 1962  Jet Harris. Man With The Golden Arm - main title theme. Some People.
Aug 1962 Jet Harris. Jet Harris (EP). Real Wild Child. Besame Mucho. Rave. Some People.
Aug 1962 Cliff Richard & The Shadows. Since I Lost You.
Oct 1962 Cliff Richard & The Shadows. 32 Minutes and 17 Seconds (LP). You Don't Know. So I've Been Told. Walking The Blues.
Oct 1962* Jet Harris. Lonesome Part Of Town. Again. (* Although recorded in 1962, these tracks weren't released until 1989).
Oct 1962 The Shadows. Out Of The Shadows (LP). Released after Jet left The Shadows, he plays on some of the tracks.
Jan 1963 Jet Harris & Tony Meehan. Diamonds. Footstomp.
Feb 1963 Jet Harris. Honey Hit Parade (LP). Man With The Golden Arm (overdubbed by Kent Walton). This is used as an intro to the LP. There is also a shortened (approx. 30 second) version (with a different overdub) used as the end of the LP.
Mar 1963 Jet Harris. Discs A Go-Go (EP). Clap Your Hands (once again).
Apr 1963 Jet Harris & Tony Meehan. Scarlett O'Hara. Hully Gully.
Apr 1963 Jet Harris. (Also released in Europe under the title Blue Mood).
May 1963 Cliff Richard & The Shadows. Holiday Carnival (EP). For Me For You.
Aug 1963 Jet Harris & Tony Meehan. San Miguel. Yes It's Me And I'm In Love Again. Unissued, now lost or destroyed.
Aug 1963 Jet Harris & Tony Meehan. Applejack. The Tall Texan.
Feb 1964 Jet Harris. Big Bad Bass. Rifka.
Apr 1964* Jet Harris & The Innocents. NME Pollwinners Concert. Diamonds. Big Bad Bass. The concert took place in April 1964 and was broadcast on ITV in May 1964. Diamonds is featured on a compilation video Sixties Sensations, 
released in 1991.
Apr 1965 Cliff Richard & The Shadows. Cliff Richard (LP). 
Take Special Care.
Jul 1967 Jet Harris. My Lady. You Don't Live Twice.
Oct 1975 Jet Harris. Theme For A Fallen Idol. This Sporting Life.
1976 Jet Harris & Tony Meehan. Remember Jet Harris/Tony Meehan (LP). Diamonds. Some People. Hully Gully. Big Bad Bass. Besame Mucho. The Man With The Golden Arm. Applejack. The Tall Texan. Song Of Mexico. Man From Nowhere. Footstomp. Scarlett O'Hara. (All tracks are electronically reprocessed to give stereo effect. Decca 
REM 1).
Feb 1978 Jet Harris. Guitar Man. Theme.
Feb 1978 Jet Harris. The Stranger. Perfidia-Blue Moon. Sleepwalk. Dance On. Wonderful Land. FBI. Spanish Harlem. Apache. Riders In The Sky. Nivram. Diamonds. Scarlett O'Hara. Shazam. (Recorded live at HM Prison, Gloucester, 3rd April 1977).
??? 197? Jet Harris. Riders In The Sky and 3 other tracks from the "Inside" album were re-recorded in the studio but were never released (although a demo tape was sent to the Shadows who later released their own version).
1985 Pete Rawes. Jet played on two recordings by Pete Rawes - How Should I Leave Her. Theme From Sharks.
1985* Jet Harris & The Strangers. Live in 1985. Shazam. (Dance with the) Guitar Man. Apache. Kon-Tiki. Love Me Tender. Applejack. Wonderful Land. Scarlett O'Hara. FBI. Diamonds (* Issued in 1990 on cassette only by Jet's Fan Club).
Oct 1987 Jet Harris. Love Me Tender. Trilogy.
Dec 1987 Legends of Rock and Roll. (Issued on cassette 12/87 and LP 1/88) contained a re-recording of Diamonds with Jet backed by Chris Black and the Blackcats. Issued in September 1996 on the Hallmark Budget CD 40 UK Top 10 Hits.  Legends of British Rock and Roll. Issued as CD in 1998. The recording of Diamonds on this CD is different to both the LP and the Hallmark CD. Jet does not recall any additional takes being kept so one may assume that this is a re-mix of the track as originally released.
Jun 1988 Jet Harris.* Nivram (released on the Triola LP Guitars in Motion). The musicians were: Jet Harris - bass guitar; Vetle Martin - Rhythm guitar; Per Olof Alm - Drums; Kurt Fröberg - Lead guitar. Only issued in Sweden, this track was recorded in Torsby, November 7th, 1987.
Nov 1988 Jet Harris. Diamonds. Jet Black. Besame Mucho. Big Bad Bass. Rifka. Scarlett O'Hara. Applejack. Man From Nowhere. Theme For A Fallen Idol. Tall Texan. Again. Man With The Golden Arm. (A studio version of Jacqueline was also recorded about this time but hasn't been released).
Nov 1988 Jet Harris. Diamonds. Big Bad Bass From Texas.
1988 Jet Harris and Tangent. Live at Weston-Super-Mare. Shazam. Walk Don't Run. Apache. Wonderful Land. Love Me Tender. Nivram. Scarlett O'Hara. Jacqueline. Applejack. Hully Gully. FBI. (Concert taped in 1988, released on video Tangent Live Through The Years Vol. 3 in 1996). Live version of Jacqueline also released on CD Tangent Live Over England in 1996.
Jun 1990 Fistful Of Strings (Cassette). Issued through Fan Club. 
36-24-36. Real Wild Child. In Love With The Guitar Man. Cloud Nine. Big Bad Bass From Texas. Love Me Tender. Mechanism. Walk Don't Run. The Creep. Theme For A Fallen Idol. Trilogy.
Nov 1990 Cliff Richard. From A Distance - The Event (CD & Video). Jet (and Tony) guest on Move It.
1991 The Rapiers. The Return Of The Rapiers (CD). Hully Gully (Jet does vocals).
1993 Tangent. Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt (CD). Jet Meets General Custer. The Truckin' Trucker's Trot.
1994 Jet Harris & Tangent. Warm Turn (part 1). Stingray. FBI. Jet Meets General Custer '94. Walk Don't Run. Diamonds. Love Me Tender. Tres Bon. The Truckin' Trucker's Trot. Apache. Danny Boy. Warm Turn (part 2).
Oct 1996 Jet Harris (& the Diamonds?). The Man With The Golden Arm (cassette) sent to radio stations to promote: Ghost Riders. The Tall Texan. Midnight. Man With The Golden Arm.
Nov 1996 Jet Harris & the Diamonds. Fistful Of Strings II (cassette). Diamonds. Spanish Harlem. Ghost Riders. Midnight. Time Is Tight. Tall Texan. Scarlett O'Hara. Apache. Argentina. FBI. Nivram. Wonderful Land.
Aug 1997 Jet Harris. The Ghost Of Old Compton Street, on cover mounted CD with October issue of Guitarist Magazine to showcase the Burns Barracuda. Also features Brian Bennett on drums and Barry Gibson. Written and arranged by Warren Bennett. A longer version of this track appears on the Local Heroes CD below.
Oct 1997 Local Heroes. One Of Our Shadows Is Missing. Jet guests on: The Ghost Of Old Compton Street. Nivram. The Man With The Golden Arm.
Nov 1997 Jet Harris & Alan Jones. Two Of A Kind. A compilation of mainly previously released tracks featuring Jet and Alan. Included 2 unreleased tracks featuring Jet: Shazam '94. Nivram (live 1988).
Nov 1998 Jet Harris & Billie Davies. Back In Our Rock 'n' Roll Days. 
A 1-track promo single.
Oct 1999 Jet Harris. The Phoenix Rises. Theme For Something Really Important. Scarlett O'Hara 2000. Last Train Home. Beater Blocker. Simply Jerry. Dreamland. Theme 16. Phoenix. Spivram. Mechanism. Here I Stand. Diamonds 2000. Man From Nowhere. Duane Stays Mainly On The Plane.
Feb 2000 Jet Harris. Jet Harris's 60th Birthday. Man With The Golden Arm (Main Title Theme). 36-24-36. Kon-Tiki. Diamonds. Scarlett O'Hara. Theme For Something Really Important. Gonzales. The Tall Texan. Applejack. Man From Nowhere. Time Is Tight. Nivram. (Recorded live on 10th July, 1999. 
Jet is backed by Shadoogie and Cliff Hall).
Mar 2000 Jet Harris, Cliff Hall & The Rapiers. Jet Harris at BBC Radio Wales. Interview and live tracks: 36-24-36. Scarlett O'Hara. Nivram. Man From Nowhere. Theme For Something Really Important. Diamonds. Although not released officially, many fans have recordings taken from the broadcast.
Mar 2002 Cliff Richard & The Shadows. A limited edition CD issued of the live concert at the ABC Kingston - Jet plays on every track. Also see March 1962.
Sep 2002 Jet Harris.  Diamonds Are Trumps  SLTD116. Theme For A Fallen Idol.  Time Is Tight.  Dance With The Guitar Man. Wipe Out.  You Can't Sit Down.  Diamonds.  Man With The Golden Arm.  Gonzales.  No Other Baby.  Soul Limbo.  Barney's Blues.  Water Melon Man.  Theme For Something Really Important.  Tequila. 
Sep 2006 Jet Harris. San Antonio (Special Edition signed vinyl single CD). Crazy Lighthouse Records. Featuring San Antonio and Ignition.
Dec 2007 Jet Harris - The Journey    In The Beginning,  San Antonio (Old Skool Mix),  It Bites,  Krakatoa,  The Journey,  Ignition,  The 4th Man,  Hello Sid,  Play It Down,  Song For Tony,  Shot to Pieces, San Antonio,  El Vampiro,  Diamonds.   
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