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During the recording of the album, we had a few opportunities to grab some shots in the studio.  Here is a small selection from January 2007




Above:  Nigel explains to Jet why he has chosen a particular effect for one of the multi-tracks.




Above:  This was a picture taken for 'Dynamite' Magazine. (A Kodak moment!).




Above: Jet listens while Nigel puts the finishing touches to some EQ on a remix of 'San Antonio'




   Above:  Jet has a close listen to the mix.




    Above:  Recording the album is a lot of fun, but hard work too;....Time for a cuppa!




                         Above:  Say when!




                            Above:  Jet in thoughtful mode!




     Above:  The guys take a break outside in the courtyard (Thank you to Sarah for the picture!).                      



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