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Above:  This is the guitar that was used to back Jet on 'Ignition'.  A Lake Placid Blue '62 Classic Stratocaster. 




The guitar pictured above is a Fiesta Red 1983 Squier '62 vintage JV (Japanese Vintage) Stratocaster, and was used occationally for some of the backing guitar tracks.  This is the same model that was used by The Rapiers a while ago.  Don't be fooled by it's Squier tag, as this is one of a series of guitars from Fender Japan that was available 1982 to 1984, and heavily based on 1957 and 1962 pre-CBS models (Fender Japan's first ever export guitar), these Strats were fitted with USA made pickups. 

At the time these guitars were available, the 'Squier' name was just a way of distingushing between a USA made instrument and a Japanese made guitar, and was not the entry level marque that 'Squier' is known as today (for a comprehensive look at these truly great guitars, visit: 21 Frets - The Squier JV Pages).




Above:  This is another JV series Stratocaster, this time a '57 vintage model, and (because of it's beautifully mellow tone) was used for a very special track on the album.




Above: This 1962 USA reissue Strat was used on lot of the tracks, and it was also used as Jet's back up guitar for some of his shows.

As you can see various Fender Stratocasters were used for Jet's album, and though it would seem logical to use only one or two guitars, each was selected for it's own voice (tone) and each guitar had it's place on the album (a custom Telecaster and a Danelectro 12 string were also used).




Above: A very relaxed looking Jet Harris during the soundcheck at Ferneham Hall, Fareham (Photo Courtesy: David Rumble)



Above: (Tuesday 30th Jan 07) Caught in a moment;  Jet thinks up some ideas for the bridge section in a new track, while Nigel looks on.



Above: Jet working on a new track.


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