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Jet in Finland

Jet in Finland


On the 25th of June 2008, Jet, Janet, Nigel and Paul headed off to Finland for two concert dates.  The first was at the Texas Bar - Rock ' n' Roll Station - in Helsinki on the 27th, and the second concert was the following day at the 12th Nastolan Rautalankafestarit, Nastola (I am told that Rautalankaa translates roughly as 'Twang').

Jet was accompanied by one of Finland's most popular bands of the genre 'The Charades', and included a special guest appearance by a very popular Finnish guitarist 'Nono Sodeberg', with the additional appearances of Nigel Hopkins and Paul Rumble for three of the tracks from Jet's album 'The Journey'

The 26th was the day of the one and only band rehearsal, but everything slotted in nicely, as you would expect from such a professional bunch.

When Jet arrived at the first venue in Helsinki, he was asked if he would give an interview and sign a few singles and LP's, which of course he was more than pleased to do, and when Jet went onstage, the room was packed with excited fans and the atmosphere was fantastic!

The following day, everyone was on the road to Nastola (Jet and Paul were hoping for a Moose sighting, but it wasn't their day unfortunately). The countryside, with it's occasional spattering of beautiful wooden homes, nesteled in between lakes and pines was breathtaking, and the open air venue itself was also situated next to a lake and surrounded by trees.  After a few technical problems onstage, such as strange power failures (most likely the UK power adapters), and as darkness started to fall (not that it ever really gets that dark this time of the year in Finland) Jet joined 'The Charades' onstage to raptuous applause from the nearly 3,000 strong audience, and went on to delight everyone with a string of his and 'The Shadows' old hits, finishing with three tracks from his album 'The Journey' ('Krakatoa', 'Song For Tony' and 'San Antonio'), and ending of course the original version of 'Diamonds' .

The light nights and 'different' air took it's toll a bit, with everyone feeling quite tired at the end of it all, but what a wonderful time! Jet and the team would like to express their heartfelt thanks to Jari Moberg, Nono Soderberg, The Charades, and everyone else involved for their help, support and friendship during their stay in Finland, and that includes everyone who came to watch Jet and the guys play (you were great!).

The following pictures are from the trip:



Above:  Jet in full swing at the Nastola Festival



Above: Jet, Janet, Paul and Nigel (he took the picture) relaxing on the steps of Helsinki Harbour (hot sunny days with a bit of rain in the evenings....nice!)



Above: Jet gives an interview and signs some records at the Texas club in Helsinki.



Above: Jet kicks out some 'San Antonio' in Helsinki.



Above: Everyone is in high spirits when they arrive at the festival



Above: Charades drummer 'Jari Moberg' introduces Jet to Helsinki



Above: Jet Harris and Samu Wuori pausing for thought (Samu is the rhythm guitarist for the Charades, and though this is his main role within the band, it is worth pointing out that he is also a very talented lead player too!).



Above: On stage during the last four numbers.



Above: Jet and Janet take in the sights and sounds of Helsinki.



Above: Jet signs a 1983 USA reissue Strat for a fan.



Above: Jet chats to the audience in between numbers.



Above: Special guest 'Nono Soderberg' in full swing.



Above: The Texas club audience are treated to one of Jet's newest tracks, 'San Antonio'



Above: Ahh! Traveling in comfort!



Above: Paul's entry for the 'Pull a Funny Face competition'? (Krakatoa solo).



Above: Jari, Jet, Paul and Nigel back at the hotel.



Above: Rockin at the Texas.



Above: Jet with Mr Imai, who is an importer of the Mosrite brand of guitars made popular by the Ventures.



Above: Another shot of Nono joining Jet with 'San Antonio'



Above: Jukka Vaisanen and Paul Rumble lost in the music.



Above: Samu Wuori playing an acoustic guitar for the three 'Journey' album tracks.



Above: Jet Harris and Nono Soderberg.


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