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All of the guitar amplifiers on the Jet Harris album The Journey were very kindly loaned by the late Jim Marshall and Paul Marshall of Marshall Amplification


Jet's Guitars!


Above: Jet takes a break at Ferneham Hall, Fareham.




Above left: As the guys take a break from the studio during sessions. Jet's Fender VI Bass and Paul's Fender 50's Classic Strat await them for the next session (Pictures of this actual strat (the 'San Antonio' Strat) were used in a run of UK Fender adverts in 1999; pictured above right).



Above:  Jet has always been a great exponent (the most well known) of the six string bass or Baritone Guitar, and the only recording artist to have used one as the main lead instrument. The combination of Jet's unique style and his Fender VI come together to produce his trademark mean and moody sound, and Nigel has used this to full effect on the new album.

This guitar is finished in fiesta red (we thought it looked cool in black and white) and is tuned the same as a six string lead guitar; E,A,D,G.B.E.



Above:   This is the 1962 re-issue Fender Precision Bass that was presented to Jet by the Fender guitar company for outstanding achievement. It has an alder body and is quite light in weight.  It is strung with Rotosound Flatwound strings which are very comfortable to play.  The action is medium / high.



Above:  A close veiw of the headstock.



Above:  As well as having awesome reputation as a bassplayer (huge understatment!), Jet is also very handy with a Strat, and his history with the lead guitar goes way back  (His number one UK hit 'Diamonds' was played on a de-tuned Fender Jaguar).  Jet used this particular guitar both on stage and in the studio.  It is a Fender custom shop model with a see-thro blonde ash body and a birds eye maple neck.  Jet has removed the volume knob as he says it gets in the way when he is playing. He uses .013 to .056 gauge Rotosound strings (yep! 13 to 56!!!) and the trem is very smooth in operation



Above: A closeup view of the headstock.



Amplification on The Journey album


Above:  This is the Bass amp rig that Jet is using for all of his bass guitar tracks.  It is a Marshall VBA400 head and 4x12 cab which is specially designed to cope with the high output and very low frequencies produced by the amplifier. The amplifier itself is capable of punching out a formidible 400 watts of raw valve bass power, and has an 8 valve fan cooled output stage.  Obviously this is not the room shaking power he needs to record, but it does give Jet more options should he require them.  The sound of this amp is simply awesome, from a real mellow jazz sound right up to a BIG BASS TWANG!  Sometimes the amp is direct injected to the desk, but for most of the time it is miked up in the sound proof booth.



Above and Left:  Alongside the awesome Marshall VBA400 is Jet's Marshall lead halfstack (JCM 2000 series Dual Super Lead Head and 4x 12 angled cab) This amp really does shine on the clean settings. It has a heavy bias for dirty sounds, as you would expect, but the clean channel has quite a variation of tones, and includes a 'Deep' switch, making it perfect for those big 13 gauge strings of his.  It's 100 watt valve output stage gives it plenty of clean headroom before any distortion creeps in.  This amp is always miked up, as there is no DI socket.





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